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Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG)

Is your big OTSG asset lacking big OTSG support?

There are options.

Let us help you.  

Innovative Steam Technologies OTSG 
ORC Organic Turboden Enogia Electratherm

Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)

Wasted heat = wasted opportunity.

Does an ORC make sense for your low temperature or low volume waste heat stream?  

Let us help you.

small micro hydropower waterpower voith ossberger

Small Hydropower

Are you currently swimming in  hydropower potential?  Your site  could potentially support a grid connected generation scheme or an off-grid energy use.   

Let us help you.

Why Work with US?

We Bring You Value

Our support can position you to make the most of your latent opportunities and can help you ensure that your existing assets are being operated and maintained in optimal condition. 

...Through Experience

  • We have decades of experience with the most innovative steam technologies used in todays combined cycle, cogen and EOR applications.   We know them inside-out. 
  • We have experience developing, installing and commissioning  Organic Rankine Cycle systems for waste heat recovery. 
  • We are currently developing the Forest Mills hydropower project.  

... With IST (Integrity, Skill, Tenacity) and more

Because your interests are our priority and we will bring to bear our full compliment of skills with the highest work ethic, you can count on it!



Mass and heat balances, heat transfer, thermohydraulics of two-phase flow, open channel and pipe flow analysis, stress analysis of pressure parts and support structures, machine design, controls and safegaurds.

Project Management

Leadership of multi-disciplinary teams,  stakeholder relations, executional strategy,  contracts review and administration, subcontractor/vendor  management, global supply chain development, progress tracking and reporting, risks & opportunities identification and reporting

Business Development

Opportunity Identification and Solutions generation, investment analysis, business planning, sales and marketing

Third Party Advice

Advise on all aspects of a project through design, procurement, fabrication, erection, and commissioning 

On-Site Support

Inspections, FAT, SAT, start-up & commissioning,  performance testing, turnover, warranty issues, repairs.

News and Media

small micro hydropower waterpower voith ossberger forest mills

Recent Events


  • Greencoat signs first partnership agreement for the support of Business Development and Project Management for high-growth firm focused on providing energy optimization solutions (July 18, 2018)

  • Greencoat places RFQs for Electrical Load Controller for Forest Mills Hydropower Development (July 17, 2018)

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